POWERLITE PBO Rigging sets an entirely new standard for drop-in performance gain vs. dollars invested. Lighter, stiffer and stronger than that of wire or rod, POWERLITE PBO Rigging significantly improves both performance and reliability:

Speed and Acceleration

Improved Power Transfer: POWERLITE PBO Rigging improves the boat's power transfer efficiency, or overall Power through:

a. Reduced Heeling Angle
b. Reduced Tip-Falloff
c. Reduced Mast and Sail Distortio

Compounded Weight Savings: POWERLITE PBO Rigging saves up to 65% of rigging weight aloft, significantly reducing counter-weight necessary on deck or in the keel.   In many cases this equates to one less crew member on the rail.


Improved Response and Transition Time
Improved Stability
Reduced Dynamic Motion


Higher Strength
Higher Fatigue Life
Proven Dependability


Safer in shock loading when tensioned properly, due to higher overall strengths.

Less fatigue on the boat and rigging components when tensioned properly.

More convenient stepping/un-stepping, coiling, storage, and transport for trailerables. In addition, synthetic rigging will not damage the boat's deck or painted surfaces.


Least Expensive Way to Lighten Your Rig

and Gain Performance

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