What does Applied Fiber do?
Applied Fiber specializes in the manufacturing of tightly controlled, high volume synthetic cable assemblies - As the world leader in termination design and processing technologies for synthetic cable assembly, the company develops solutions for other applications ranging from automobile assemblies to aerospace tethers - For additional information about us , visit www.applied-fiber.com

How and why was POWERLITE PBO Rigging developed?
PBO rigging has had nearly a decade of proven success at the America's Cup level, but due to many major technological barriers discussed elsewhere, has never been a practical solution for production boats - Over the course of three years, Applied Fiber collaborated with Tommy Mercer, the West Marine Rigging team, and several cable manufactures to develop a complete turnkey system that resolved all the unmet needs of a practical synthetic rigging solution - Applied Fiber combined their proven and unmatched processing technologies with over ten new system technologies to develop a truly revolutionary synthetic system - POWERLITE PBO Rigging.

How does PBO compare with wire and rod in terms of fatigue?
When designed and used properly, synthetic cables have phenomenal fatigue life - When cycled┬╣ between 5-40% of breaking strength, POWERLITE PBO Rigging has a fatigue life that is over 6X greater than rod rigging and over 3X greater than wire rigging.

Fatigue testing was performed in a laboratory and may not correlate to field use or actual longevity.

What protects the PBO fiber from cuts and chafing?
The POWERLITE PBO Rigging system comes with chafe protection in areas of anticipated wear - Standard chafe protection is included on the lower six feet of all shrouds, check stays, and runners - If abrasion is expected in other areas, additional protection should be specified and ordered with the system.

What protects the PBO fiber from moisture and UV Rays?
PBO is sensitive to UV and moisture (when combined with high heat) - The POWERLITE PBO Rigging system is a 100% sealed system, from end to end, preventing both light and moisture from entry - This is done by several means:

- A thick water/UV-resistant jacket is extruded and bonded to the fiber core.
- Terminations are bonded to the fibers, and bonded separately to the jacket to create a water-tight seal.

What protects the rigging from flex fatigue at the fittings?
POWERLITE PBO Rigging terminations feature Applied Fiber's patent pending Radial Technology that reduces flex fatigue at the transition, increasing the system's lifespan dramatically -

POWERLITE PBO Rigging systems incorporate the industry's first Drag Damping System to minimize cable strumming, which causes flex fatigue and increased windage.

How can I trust the fitting technology?
Applied Fiber's patented fitting technology is engineered to the highest safety factor of all mating components, meaning it is the strongest part of the entire assembly.

What rigging applications does POWERLITE PBO Rigging cover?
POWERLITE PBO Rigging is engineered specifically for sailboat standing rigging, such as a boat's backstay, checkstays, runners, jumpers, diamonds and/or shrouds.

What is PBO?
PBO fiber is the next generation super fiber, offering the highest strength and modulus of any synthetic fiber on the market - In fact PBO's strength and modulus are almost double that of Kevlar® (p-Aramid fiber) - PBO stands for (polybenzoxazole)

What type of weight savings should I expect?
POWERLITE PBO Rigging cable is 75% lighter (or 1/4 the weight) than steel wire or rod of equivalent stretch - The entire system with terminations, chafe protection, and turnbuckles is typically 65% lighter (or 1/3 the weight) - Every system comparison will vary depending on the configurations used.

What performance gains should I expect?
POWERLITE PBO Rigging will improve power transfer, acceleration, top speed, improved boat maneuverability, decreased transition time, reduce pitching and hobby horsing due to the reduce weight aloft - Synthetic rigging reduces shock loading by the damping characteristics of the synthetic fibers which will reduce stress to the mast and mating components - ( Refer to performance benefits sheet)

What sizes are available and what do they replace?
POWERLITE PBO Rigging is available in sizes to replace 3/16' through 9/16' wire or -4 through -30 rod based on equivalent stretch characteristics - Download the Powerlite Selection Guide to review technical comparisons.

What colors are available?
POWERLITE PBO Rigging is available in black.

What fittings are available with POWERLITE PBO?
Powerlite PBO Rigging is developed to provide a complete drop in replacement for most wire and rod rigging systems - All compatible fittings are available including:

- Threaded Studs
- Stemballs
- T-Hooks
- Swivel Eyes
- Marine Eyes
- Toggle Forks
- Shroud Terminals
- Fully Integrated Turnbuckles

The system can be designed also for completely custom fittings as required.

How to order POWERLITE PBO Rigging?
Powerlite is available worldwide through high performance rig shops including most Selden and Sparcraft authorized dealers - To find a dealer near you please call Applied Fiber 850-539-7720 Monday through Friday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM EDT or Email: sales@applied-fiber.com

What is the lead time for POWERLITE PBO Rigging?
Standard lead time is 3-4 weeks + shipping - Expedited rigging is available at an additional charge - The expediting service will vary depending on factory demands, but 1.5 weeks is a minimum - Estimated lead times of expedited delivery are developed with order placement.

What warranty is offered on POWERLITE PBO?
Powerlite PBO comes with a limited warranty which is available in the "Download" section of the Powerliterigging.com website.

How are the cables tested?
Each POWERLITE PBO Rigging cable is tested in Applied Fiber's state-of-the-art tensile testing machine prior to shipment - It is pulled from 2-2.5X the working load of the cable - significantly higher than the cable should ever see in use.

How can I have confidence in the production of POWERLITE PBO Rigging?
The termination and production technologies used by Applied Fiber are the same proven technologies trusted by the US Military, NASA, and many others in life bearing applications - Applied Fiber is the industry leader in production technologies for synthetic cable assemblies, providing unmatched Quality Control and Assurance.

How is POWERLITE PBO Rigging different from other PBO systems?
POWERLITE PBO Rigging is a breakthrough in synthetic standing rigging, and is an entirely different technology from any other synthetic systems - In short, Applied Fiber utilizes a unique Composite Termination Technology in combination with advanced processing technologies that provides the safest, least expensive, and most advanced solution to PBO rigging - Although detailed in sales literature, primary advantages over existing PBO systems include:

- Lowest cost - POWERLITE PBO Rigging harnesses the latest product and process technologies to create systems at a fraction of the cost of any PBO system on the market - Average cost range from 1.1 to 1.3X the cost of Rod -

- Only continuous rigging solution - POWERLITE PBO Rigging is a full turnkey system that has unique (patent pending) technologies incorporated to provide the only synthetic solution to continuous standing rigging - Small boats can now take advantage of the powerful benefits of PBO rigging - Discontinuous rigging is also.

- Only synthetic drop-in solution (ultimate fitting versatility) - with all standard fittings being made available, full turn-key and drop-in solutions are available - Leading termination technology - Applied Fiber's termination technology is in a class by itself, and incorporates a host of advantages over traditional termination technology

- Leading production standards - Applied Fiber's production technologies are unmatched, setting new standards for quality, consistency, and output of synthetic cable assemblies - All stages within production are measured, controlled, and documented to ISO 9000 standards - All composite work takes place in a controlled environment where temperature and humidity are recorded - Applied Fiber also developed the industry's most advanced testing equipment and processes for use on synthetic cable assemblies - The result is safe, reliable, and cost effective synthetic rigging systems.

How does POWERLITE PBO Rigging compare to carbon rod systems?
POWERLITE PBO Rigging systems are nearly identical in weight to high-end carbon rigging - However, POWERLITE PBO Rigging offers greater impact resistance, coil-ability, fitting versatility, and substantially lower cost.

How is PBO different from Kevlar systems?
PBO's strength and stiffness are almost double that of Kevlar - POWERLITE PBO Rigging is significantly smaller in diameter and lighter as a result of its added strength and stiffness.

If POWERLITE PBO Rigging is more advanced,
how is it significantly less expensive than other PBO systems?
Specialization: Applied Fiber's core business and specialty is the mass production of tightly controlled synthetic cable assemblies - With applications ranging from aerospace to automobile systems, the company has spent years developing the industry's most refined product and process technologies for synthetic cable assemblies - POWERLITE PBO Rigging is made cost effective through Applied Fiber's advanced processing technologies.

What is the cable construction?
The core strength member is made up of 16 parallel bundles of PBO, tension balanced to optimize alignment for enhanced fatigue, stiffness, and strength - Proprietary technology is utilized to allow for marginal bending around the specially designed spreader tip adapters - During production, the cables are additionally put under tension to maximize fiber alignment.

What is cable's jacket material and process?
POWERLITE PBO Rigging uses a proprietary blend of synthetics to create a jacket that will resist abrasion, cuts, light, and moisture - Similar materials have proven successful in outdoor applications for over 25 years - The jacket is melted and extruded over the fiber core during the manufacturing process.

What is the minimum bend radius?
POWERLITE PBO Rigging should only take a permanent bend around the specially designed spreader tip adapters - The remaining rigging should be linear under normal circumstances - When coiling for transport, the rigging can be stored in a 2' coil.

What are the fittings made of?
The primary component of the terminal is 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade aluminum, hard coated to provide the highest corrosion resistance possible - The mast/deck mating connections are made from 316 Stainless Steel.

Will POWERLITE PBO Rigging stretch over time?
Stretch over time is referred to as ""creep"" - Although all materials have creep, high modulus materials such as PBO have exceptionally small movements that are negligible when tensioned and used properly.

Where can I get POWERLITE PBO?
Contact Applied Fiber to find an appropriate dealer in your area - 850-539-7720

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