POWERLITE PBO Rigging sets a new cruising standard for standing rigging application. POWERLITE provides a more comfortable and stable sailing motion, reducing pitching and rolling in waves, and lowering the heeling angle so the boat sails flatter and smoother. PBO systems were originally developed for America's Cup and Grand Prix racing and have proven longevity and dependability under high stress sailing conditions. PBO Rigging not only benefits racers, but performance cruisers as well:     

Weight Savings

POWERLITE PBO Rigging can saves as much as 65% of the weight from a boat's standing rigging. Saving weight aloft significant improves the boat's stability, handling, and overall performance.  


By lowering the position of the vertical center of gravity ("VCG"), POWERLITE PBO Rigging dramatically affects the boat's handling, stability, and response.  

Improved Control at Sea
Improved Capsize Resistance
Reduced Pitching and Rolling


Higher Strength
Higher Fatigue Life
Proven Dependability


More upright sailing angle = More comfort on Deck

More power in all conditions but especially in light to moderate winds = Less motoring

Increased rigging stiffness of 18% = Better sail shape and power transfer

Safer tension shock loading = Less fatigue to rigging components

Non conducting cable = Safer in electrical storms



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