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POWERLITE PBO Rigging is a breakthrough in standing rigging technology — a custom engineered synthetic cable system developed as a practical drop-in performance enhancement that replaces wire or rod rigging. Now any sailboat 22' to 50' can take advantage of the substantial performance gains of PBO rigging.       

Dependability: PBO fiber has over 10 years of proven longevity on standing rigging under the harshest conditions. POWERLITE cables are not only stronger, but lab tested to demonstrate a fatigue life over 3X that of wire and 6X that of rod.

POWERLITE is the least expensive way to lighten your rig and gain performance:

Improved Power Transfer (Acceleration and Top Speed)

Improved Boat Maneuverability

Decreased Transition Time

Reduced Pitching and Rolling

Reduced Stress to Mast and Mating Components


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