Daniel F. Gourash, Owner
By saving over 60lbs aloft, having the PBO rigging is like having another gorilla on the rail.

The most exciting thing about the rigging is the speed recovery coming out of a tack. The acceleration you feel on the helm is incredible.

You might need to include a warning label about whiplash!

I was very pleased with the hardware on the PBO rigging. Easy to rig and tune.

Dave Curtis / Winner of over 32 World Sailing Championships
The new PBO from Applied Fiber is the wave of the future for standing rigging. I first used the synthetic rigging on the Grand Soleil 37 in Key West Race Week and also on the same boat in Miami Acura Race Week.

I found that once we got the rigging tuned, we were not getting any leeward sag on the uppers or the lowers. The only tuning that we did from there out was on the head stay and the backstay pending on wind and sea conditions.

This is a great Grand Prix product at an affordable price. If you are looking to gain considerable performance, PowerLite PBO is the way to go.

Tapio Saavalainen
Grand Soleil 37 B&C
Owner of Kalevala II
it felt like having an extra body on the rail thanks to the lighter POWERLITE PBO rigging. In the heavy seas that we had this year, the boat felt steadier due to less stretch in the shrouds and stays. It is amazing that they can make it as affordable as it is.

Chuck O'Malley, Owner
Doyle Chesapeake Sailmakers
We swapped out our rod rigging for the new POWERLITE PBO rigging two weeks before Key West Race Week. The product was delivered on time, was significantly lighter and maintained consistent tensions under high loads. I recommend any serious racer consider the advantages of this product.

Harry Melges
North Sails Zenda
MELGES Performance Sailboats
When you need to watch your weight you have to consider the POWERLITE PBO Rigging by Applied Fiber. It is incredible how much weight you save with this rigging. The rigging is durable, easy to use and maintain. Just like the Melges 32, the PowerLite PBO rigging is the wave of the future!

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